Coordinate your daily work in the most easy and complete Business Management solution for small companies.


Designed for small companies and self-employed persons, KeyOffice links the most essential features of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and  BI (Business Intelligence) together in a comprehensible, affordable and secured one-stop cloud application.

Customer Relationship Management

Offers & Orders

Generate offers and purchase orders. Check the fulfillment of incoming or outgoing orders and the related invoicing.

Customers Follow-up

Survey sales performance and opportunities through comments, actions and reminders.


Keep track of all the information about the companies and persons you work with.


Organize your mailing lists based on your contacts in KeyOffice.

Day-to-Day Work


Follow-up all your incoming and outgoing contracts and get an alert before notice period.

File Storage

Centralize all the important folders or documents and make them accessible from anywhere at any time.

Human Resources

Manage all users’ related records, documents, assets and holiday plannings.

Asset Management

Get a clear view on all your corporate assets that are commonly used or allocated to employees.

Enterprise Resource Planning


Generate professional invoices with your logo and records. Follow-up payments and reminders. Be alerted on renewing dates for recurrent billings. Make easy queries on periods, companies and other criteria through our convenient filters.

Business Follow-up

Measure the achievement of your goals and projects. Evaluate your gained and lost customers.

Calendars & Timesheets

Plan events based on availability of users and resources.

Track time for provided services and rented assets and bill your customers accordingly.


Manage and categorize all your products and assets.

Business Intelligence

Analytical Dashboards

Get statistics on revenues and expenses, based on the provided details (activities and product lines) during your invoice encoding.


Be alerted of to-do’s, calendar updates, new entries and other scheduled or triggered notifications.

Financial Reporting

Check your actual turn-over, profit and treasury and compare it with other periods, months or years. Compare and order customers based on the turnover or profit they generate.

Return On Investment

Calculate the costs and return of co-workers, activities and assets.

All-in-one management tool

A targeted solution for small businesses.

Stop wasting time searching the web for separate apps to run your business. KeyOffice gathers everything you need for your everyday operations in one place.

Host your virtual office from 1€ per day!

All-in-One Tool

KeyOffice centralizes everything you need for the management of your business and a flawless team collaboration in a secured and dedicated cloud application.

Cloud Computing

All your data are saved and protected in our redundant cloud server environment, to be accessible at any time from any place on any connected device.

Productivity App

Save time and energy by conducting and automating your tasks. Supervise your business activity in a powerful and user-friendly interface.


KeyOffice subscriptions are on a yearly basis.

Per user (until 3 users)
Per month
  • 1 GB disk space/user
  • Extra disk space 5€/GB
  • Automatic backups (*)
  • Accountant access (*)
4 users pack
Per Month
  • 3 GB disk space
  • Extra disk space 5€/GB
  • Automatic backups (*)
  • Accountant access (*)
  • Extra user@

7 users pack
Per Month
  • 5 GB disk space
  • Extra disk space 5€/GB
  • Automatic backups (*)
  • Accountant access (*)
  • Extra user@

Per user above 20 users
Per Month
  • 0,5 GB disk space/user
  • Extra disk space 5€/GB
  • Automatic backups (*)
  • Accountant access (*)

(*) Supplementary to the fact that you can export all your data to your local computer, a complete set of your data is saved every day in our cloud infrastructure. Recoveries on demand will be charged at 70 €.

 (*) Accountant licence is a free built-in account included in KeyOffice. It has specific access only on the storage areas that are intended for the book-keepers in order to provide them with a permanent access to all your invoicing records, bank statements and other documents that must be recorded. 


Our product has been developed on many years customer feedback experience, so feel free to tell us about your needs and ideas. We are always listening to and interested in our customers needs.

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