Calendars & Timesheets

Our convenient calendars allow you to plan events based on availability of users and resources and track time for provided services and rented assets to bill your customers accordingly.

Features included

  • Alerting and Reminders
  • Availability tracking of users and assets
  • Timesheets and billing overview
  • HR follow-up (holiday requests/overview, Illness reporting, …)
  • Recurrent appointments
  • Private appointments
  • Responsible to tablets and smartphones
  • Pushed updates to Outlook calendar
  • Daily backup in the cloud

Need help or have a question?

If you want us to help you with the bulk imports of your existing data or if you would like to customize KeyOffice to a tailored version for your specific business processes, do not hesitate to contact us at info@keyoffice.cloud.

For any further questions, requests or comments, our team will also be happy to serve you.